EPIKGO Sport Series Hoverboard

EPIKGO Sport Series of Hoverboard is a brand which comes to provide you the safe journey. So With UL 2272 certified and ensure your safe ride  and no overheating nor problem of short circuiting.Its all electric condition we have passed from here. Because your safety is our first duty. The world is going forward and touch the success of technology. Because everything is changing nowadays. That is why we bring it for you. So ride on it and enjoy the vacation on your favorite places. It is some year old product but now it is gaining much popularity from kids and elders. That is why your best reviews 2020 of hoverboard is increasing our confidence. That is enough assets for us to making this vehicle. And we are fulfilling our best effort to provide you the best. There are more for you with the beneficial features.

EPIKGO Sport Series Hoverboard
EPIKGO Sport Series Hoverboard

One of the best is the dual motor with 400 watts. Which gives you the best speed range and smooth riding. This series is providing you the more than 80% best facility from the other competitor of self balancing scooter. So keep step once then take a long ride with best speed range for the climb. Every person search for which hoverboard is the fastest. Your search will be complete here. Because we are giving you the best speed range of 10 miles per hour. And its powerful motor helps on the slopes as steeps 18 degree with easily. Nobody will provide you this facility in self balancing scooter. Every product of this brand will cover your dream with sincerely. Move for your best places with friends on your self balancing scooter. No one could catch you in riding race on climbing. Even others will take interest in its riding.

 EPIKGO Sports Series hoverboard With Best features 8.5 Inch Tires

There is no end of the more features. Its best speed range will arrive you on your desirable place in single charge. please fully charge your vehicle before start the riding. Our guarantee you will not lose your hope from our product. So your journey will be complete after looking at its powerful 8.5 inch tires. These are the 30 percent bigger than its competitor. And its stream lined racing wheels specially made for weighted person on safe ride. Which is perfect for visit somewhere places. its best grip and resistant on the road is best for safe riding. These two wheels of this self balancing scooter is giving you the smooth ride on grass or on the sand. And it provide you the best journey on the unbalanced places.

This EPIKGO sport series product are more safe from the water resistant. And it rated from IP56 for solidness keep solidness from water resistant. More best is the headlights of its product. Which is very important in the evening or after sunset. These Lights gloom your around area where you are moving on it. And enhance your riding confidence among the peoples. Rock yourself on this beautiful smart hoverboard with headlights. So another is here for more is that  your foot will be completely stable on it. Its will not let you lay down from the scooter. Our great charging facility keep your journey safe and sturdy. And not overheating system are here in it. Because this is totally certify from different kind of tests. So we are fully confident about your secure riding

Hoverboard With LG Smart Battery And Sustain Weight

The best benefit of its LG smart battery is very useful for their luxury riding. Which help the user better riding experience. And also clear from different kind of tests. So it certify from the UL 2271. Because that is urgent to fulfill its requirements for reducing the fire hazards problem. And this facility is not providing by the others. Now kids and elders could be ride safely. And kids give us the best response.

Parents also are improve their faith on us. And they purchase this hoverboard for little kids after this clear certified procedure. its stylish performance won the hearts of them. You could be give this as a gift for their beloved and relatives on the christmas and birthday. Little kids can be pick it in hands easily. because its weight is not so heavy. Its fully in just 31 lbs. So take your journey with easy ride. And we are ever ready for service in the front of you.


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